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How to Download Twitter Videos HD Using Getvimate Video Downloader?

How to download videos from Twitter? Using the Free Getvimate video, audio and multimedia downloader is very easy. When you find any video on twitter that you like, or any audio clip that you want to save for later use all you have to do is copy its link and paste it on to our tool. The bar above is where the link goes. It’s easy just like that.

  1. Copy the Twitter Video Link
  2. Paste in Our Twitter video downloader and click Download
  3. Save To your Device

Easy Step by Step Guide to Download Twitter Video using Getvimate

  1. Press CTRL + D to Bookmark our site for any time easy use.
  2. Go to the Twitter Video that you would like to download.
  3. Copy the URL of the status in your browser. It may look something like this
  4. Now in the bar where it says download, paste the twitter link you just copied
  5. Click Download. In some instances, you may need to click the download button twice.
  6. The tool will search for the status you just pasted in the bar and show you the videos in that twitter tweet.
  7. Ourfree twitter video download tool will show you the thumbnail of the video and its available qualities.
  8. Choose the quality in which you would like the twitter video to download.
  9. A “Save As” pop up will appear, you should choose “Save File”
  10. Choose the location on your computer or phone where you want to save the twitter video.
  11. Your high-speed twitter video download will begin.
  12. As soon as the twitter video you wanted to download is complete, you can watch it anywhere, anytime you like.

Why is Getvimate Downloader for Twitter Videos the Best?

It is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Millions of people visit twitter every day and share their thoughts as tweets. Twitter not so long ago added the feature of adding Images, Pictures, Videos and Audio Clips to your tweets. The addition of multimedia to twitter opened new avenues.

People from all around the world use Twitter to share interesting information on twitter daily and now with interesting and informative video option twitter has become even more interesting.

Often times we come across video clips that are interesting, we want to watch twitter videos later, or we want to save twitter videos to show to someone else. Twitter does not allow you to save or download videos on to your computers or mobile devices and we lose something that we like or is interesting.

Keeping in mind this crucial need of everyone else we have brought to you the best Twitter video downloader. The best thing about the Getivimate downloader is that it is free. Downloading HD videos from twitter cost you nothing using our downloader.

Getvimate video downloader for twitter is secure. You can download not only twitter videos you can also download twitter audio clips as well.

Download Twitter Video For Free

If you are looking for a safe and reliable tool that will for sure download the twitter video of your choice, Getvimate Twitter Video Downloader is the only best downloader for you. You do not need to go anywhere else to download any twitter video. If a multimedia file is tweeted to Twitter and it is available on twitter you can download it using our best tool.

There is no need to pay for twitter video download. Getvimate is a secure, reliable and Free online video downloader that works the best. Our Online video and online audio download algorithm are the best and it is developed specifically for this job.

We provide you all the available qualities in which a video can be available on Twitter and let you choose the quality in which you want to download the video.

Using Getvimate Twitter Video Download Tool you can download videos in the any of the following resolutions:

Please note some resolutions may not be available, rest assured our download tool will show you all the available resolutions.

Getvimate twitter video download tool is Universal

The next best thing about the Getvimate video download tool is that it is universal. You can use our tool to download twitter videos for free on:

Download video from twitter on any device

How to download a video from twitter? With the Getvimate Online Video Downloader there are no limitations. We have developed this perfect Twitter Video downloader with you in mind. We know how you can be using any of the devices to surf the internet.

We understand that you may come across your favorite twitter video while you are using your phone or tablet or a computer. Using our tool, you can save twitter videos to watch later anywhere anytime. All you need to do is copy the link of the tweet and paste it in our tool and let the magic happen.

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We guarantee the reliability of our video downloader you can share our video downloader with your family, friends and coworkers safely. With our tool you can be sure that this is the one and only safest of all Online download twitter video Downloader.