Free Online Video Downloader – What You Should Know

If you’re like me who likes to watch videos on the weekend, you’ll be looking forward to Fridays so you can get to watch your favourite videos. However, you know that it’s quite expensive to rent every video you want to watch or subscribe to video streaming sites online.

Therefore, the best option will be to look for free video downloader online, so you can be able to download and watch your videos during the weekend. Even if it’s not during the weekends, there is definitely some evenings when you will have the urge to watch a particular video.

How to use 4k video downloader?

How do you find the right online video downloader free? How to use video downloader professional? Searching for total videos downloader on Google is sure to bring back millions of results, which is probably how you found this article. The millions of results from Google means there are many websites and/or software for free videos online.

So, considering the fact that there are many websites and programs available for downloading of free videos online, there are things you should know before choosing any free online video downloader from any site free download.

I have come across many programs for free video online download, and have used many as well. You can say I have got both the good and the bad experiences when it comes to downloading videos online.

That said, below are some things you should know before opting for any free video download website.

Quality of the free video downloader

Before you rush to download that video, consider the quality of the videos you’re downloading. Most ‘downloader videos mp4’, 'videos mp3 downloader' websites offer you low quality videos that you may end up not watching because of the low quality. This is mostly seen where the downloader website don’t ask for membership fee.

For example, take a look at YouTube. Even though there are a lot of free online YouTube videos downloader, you may not be able to download high quality videos from the website. With Getvimate, you can do it all, including 4k video downloader.

No monthly fees

Since, we’re looking for online video downloader free, any website that claims to offer free download for videos, but yet ask you for monthly fees is not being honest. Please stay away from such websites. Nevertheless, a good free video downloader online website may ask for a one-time fee to help them maintain their services to you. You may be surprise to learn that these are actually the websites that will provide you with high quality videos.

Video variety

Some websites offer only one video variety like movie videos, while others give you access to various varieties like music videos, movie videos, game videos, etc. So, you should probably search for free downloader websites that can offer you such variety. is the best site you are looking for. Here you can download any video from platforms like: youtube video downloader online free, free music and videos downloader, instagram video downloader, download twitter videos, download vimeo videos, download private facebook videos, download dailymotion videos, ... and lots of other platforms.

Video Download limits

Now, there are some videos downloader websites that will limit the number of videos you download every day. Some videos online downloader may even limit the number of videos to be downloaded per session or hour. This can be frustrating. So, look for websites that don’t have any download limits whatsoever.

With Getvimate, you can download for free unlimited: facebook video downloader, 4k video downloader, twitter video downloader, youtube video downloader free download, freemake video downloader, video downloader chrome, flash video downloader, youtube video downloader for pc, ...

Number of available videos

A good free online video downloader should have as much videos as possible available for download. Why join a program that offers only 10,000 videos when you can get one with over 1 million videos? The number of available videos is usually listed at the home page of the website, so be sure to look out for that.


Some free video downloader programs can infect your system with viruses, spyware, and malware. You should stay away from such websites for your security. But, how do you know genuine downloaders that will not affect the safety of system? One thing is sure, if the free downloader website has been around for a while, there’s bound to be review on it. So, search for recommendations and review from previous users of the program. I’ve used a lot of free video downloaders and I always leave a review.

Download speed

This is important of course. You don’t want a single video download taking ages to download. Any good free mp4 downloader should be able to make it possible to download videos at a faster rate, and also offer you multiple downloads at a time.

Bottom line

Even though there may be other things to consider before opting for any ‘online video downloader free’ websites, the above are the important things you should know before choosing any free video downloader online.