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  3. Copy and Paste the page source below

    See Tutorial: How to Download Facebook Private Videos

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Ever find a great Facebook video that you would want to be saved on your device? However, at this point, many ask How to download private Facebook videos?

The simple solution is Getvimate!

An easy and cost-free tool to download Facebook private videos. It allows users to copy-paste the URL and converts videos in many different formats. This trusted tool is useful for people of many ages.

Let’s find out more about what it has to offer and how you can start using it right away!

Table of Contents

  1. Are you a frequent Facebook user?
  2. Getvimate: Facebook Private video downloader
  3. How safe is Getvimate?
  4. How to download Private Facebook Videos
  5. Is this tool recommended?

Are you a frequent Facebook user?

Facebook is currently the number one social media platform all around the globe. It has a whopping total of 2.45 Billion users- which is most than the population of most countries. What is amazing are the many features that come along with the platform.

It has features that you can help you share statuses, pictures, and most important of all- videos! After YouTube, many people watch Facebook videos. Especially after the new ‘watch’ feature that allows you to scroll through many Facebook private videos.

If you are looking to download Facebook video private, then the Getvimate video downloader is the only tool you require!

This tool is free of hidden costs and is one of the best Facebook private video downloaders out there. It downloads the video for you in an instant- allowing you to edit and create better content.

This tool is especially recommended for content creators and editors as it helps them in their professional as well as recreational activities!

Getvimate: Facebook Private video downloader

The great feature of Getvimate is that it is an online tool. Yes! There is no need to download any external software. Users will go on the Getvimate website https://getvimate.com/facebook-private-downloader, and all you have to do is open and start working on it right away!

The user interface is extremely easy!

One of the features that sets Getvimate apart from other downloading tools is how it does not comprise of complex steps. The steps are as easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is copy-paste the URL of your required video.

That is not all! Users also have the option of downloading private Facebook videos in different formats like MP3, MP4, WebM, 3GP, and other kinds of formats!

You can also pick a format that is compatible with different kinds of computers like Windows or MAC. Once the video is downloaded in the preferred format, you do not have to worry about converting it- In fact, you can start working on it right away or sharing it with your friends.

This tool is handy for people from all walks of life! Whether it is your professional life, as a student, or even for entertainment purposes!

How Safe Is Getvimate?

When it comes to online tools- everyone is concerned whether or not this software is actually safe. Getvimate if fully functional on multiple browsers. It can work with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer Opera, and UC Browser.

Moreover, it is a completely free tool, which sounds almost too good to be true. However, Getvimate has users that certify it as a trusted tool for their daily activities. A cost-free to download private Facebook Videos!

You do not have to worry about crazy viruses and trojans attacking your personal devices, which is why it is a completely safe and trusted tool for use.

Its user-interface is designed in a way that people of any age and field can make use of this to download different content off popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram.

It does not have any extra requirements to function on your PC, either! You can very easily use it on your tablet PCs and on desktop computers and laptops.

You can use this private Facebook video downloader wherever you require. Getvimate’s user-friendly platform, there is no learning curve to the tool. You can start right away by downloading your private Facebook video.

Another great feature:

How To Download Private Facebook Videos

The great thing about Getvimate is that it is a super easy private Facebook video downloader. Here are some easy steps you can follow if you are wondering how to download a private video from Facebook without any hassle.

How to download facebook private videos?

  1. Open Facebook in a different tab on your browser
  2. Choose the video you want to be downloaded; you can access it easily via the search bar
  3. Copy the URL from the Video
  4. Paste it on the given search box on Getvimate’s website
  5. Next, just pick the format of the video you would prefer
  6. Simply press download to have the video saved on your device in an instant

You can also see a video tutorial to understand the process better. All you require is a steady internet connect and allow Getvimate to do its magic for you!

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Is This Tool Recommended?

Coming to the final recommendation! If you are looking at how to download a private Facebook video, then this tool is definitely a good choice!

It downloads your video free of cost, in the format you prefer! The steps are easy, and you can do it on multiple different devices even if you are wondering on how to download private video from Facebook to PC or tablet!

Meta description: Getvimate is an easy and cost-free tool to download private Facebook videos. It allows users to copy-paste the URL and converts videos in many different formats.